In the second episode of the luxury travel marketer podcast, we talk about how the luxury travel industry is changing right as we speak and what this means for marketers who want to adapt and be ready for what is about to come.

What are the different factors driving change in the luxury travel industry right now?

  • The generational shift (From Baby Boomers to GenZ)
  • The demographical shift (From the west to the east)
  • The need for more authenticity and transparency
  • Turning digital and why it shouldn’t be scary
  • Sustainability, and why it needs to be more than an opportunity for PR

How can you adapt to the coming changes:

Study the differences in terms of values when it comes to Millennials and GenZ. Read a book or two about intercultural management, focusing on China and the Middle East. Take some courses, do some digital certifications and subscribe to podcasts and newsletters that cover digital marketing. Take a look at your corporate culture and external communication, are you hiding behind corporate speak or are you showcasing the passion of your teams? Don’t be afraid to show the blood and sweat that goes into providing luxury experiences to your customers. Learn more about the sustainability movement and start adapting it as a core value in your business.

Do you need help with preparing your digital marketing for that shift?

There are two ways we at Jadewolf can actively help you in coping with these shifts:

  1. Download our free 40+ page long guide: HERE
  2. Apply for a free consultation with us, we can give you custom feedback: APPLY

Thank you for listening to our podcast, in next weeks episode we will cover the difference between brand marketing (what most people associate with luxury) and direct response or performance marketing in the digital space (hint: the two are not the same and should be used differently).

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