What are the differences between brand marketing and direct response marketing? How does that apply to luxury travel? Why is the distinction important? Find out in Episode 3 of the luxury travel marketer podcast!

What are the key differences, and why should you care as a travel marketer?

  • What is brand marketing in the context of luxury
  • What is direct response marketing? (where does it come from)
  • Why marketers need to be clear on difference
  • Is there a hierarchy of importance? (What should you do first)
  • Why Jadewolf is a performance marketing agency and not a brand marketing agency
  • Traditionally there was only brand marketing in luxury, but times have changed, so should you

How to make sure that you are prioritizing your marketing budget correctly:

Are you a SMB in the luxury travel space? Doesn’t matter if it is aviation, hospitality, yachting, or travel and tourism, start with direct (performance) marketing as soon as you can afford content creation and advertising budgets. Why? Brand marketing is very expensive and it has to be if you want to do it right. To affect reputation and brand value on a large scale, globally you need to invest into high end digital and analog media real estate while maintaining a cutting edge visual quality. Performance marketing, on the other side, will get you traffic, leads, sales and help you build up digital assets that increase in value over time. Your performance marketing can fund your brand marketing this way. Now if you are at the enterprise level or if you have more than a 1 Million USD in budget available, by all means invest a nice chunk of it (30-50%) in brand marketing. Produce some great editorials or video pieces, be creative!

Do you need help with preparing your digital marketing for that shift?

Do you need some help figuring out where to invest your advertising budget first, check out these resources:

  1. Download our free 40+ page long guide: HERE
  2. Apply for a free consultation with us, we can give you custom feedback: APPLY

Thank you for listening to our podcast, in next weeks episode we will cover the luxury marketing philosophy in general and what rules you need to keep in mind if you want to do brand marketing or direct marketing successfully without alienating HWNIs, or damaging the reputation of your brand.

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