In this episode we discuss Kapferer and Bastien’s 24 laws of anti-marketing for luxury and how they apply, or not apply, to luxury travel companies. I’m also joined in this episode by my co-founder Liubov.

What we cover in this episode:

  • What are the 24 Anti-Laws of Marketing for Luxury?
  • Who are Jean N. Kapferer and Vincent Bastien?
  • We discuss each individual law and explain how it applies to travel.
  • Where do the laws fall apart, and are they really being used by luxury companies nowadays?
  • Why some of the opinions of Kapferer, especially in regards to China and Asia are just wrong.

Why “The Luxury Strategy” is still a good book for luxury marketers:

If you are starting out in luxury marketing and you come from a FMCG or industrial company, this book is a great primer to on understanding how luxury as a business model has to differ from the mass market, premium or fashion model. It will show you use cases from luxury verticals like fashion, leather, jewelry and cars mostly, but the concepts are at least partially applicable to travel. As such is a more general business or management book, but marketing plays a huge role in it as well. The authors emphasize brand marketing and dismiss direct marketing for luxury as counter-productive (which is in our opinion completely outdated since all big luxury companies are doing it), but you should form your own opinion, especially if right now you are in the trenches doing actual marketing for luxury travel brands.

In the next episode:

In the next episode we will start laying out the process we use at Jadewolf to drive results for our clients. Starting with luxury buyer persona creation. So if you are struggling to nail down your ideal HNWI customer profile, make sure to check out this episode. We will talk about demographics, psycho-graphics and other cool stuff.

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