What is content marketing? How does content fit into a luxury marketing funnel? In this episode you will learn what the phrase content is king, context is queen really means and how most companies go wrong when it comes to their online content.

What we cover in this episode:

  • What is content marketing?
  • What types of online content are out there?
  • What is rich-media?
  • What are landing pages?
  • Where does content marketing fit into a larger funnel
  • Why “good enough” is just plain and simply bad in digital marketing
  • The opportunity that great content represents for luxury travel and tourism marketing

Why is content marketing so important for luxury travel brands?

Content Marketing is a perfect tool to suck people into the world of your luxury travel brand. Be it through great copy, video, audio or animations and interactive elements on your site, you need to give customers what they want. And what they want is not a boring list of technical features.

They want storytelling, emotion, real humanity and values that are clearly associated with luxury, such as privacy, exclusivity, adventure, comfort, and uniqueness. Most marketers and business owners opt for a “good enough” approach when it comes to their digital marketing, relying on basic and often outdated tactics to attract high-net-worth individuals.

The sad fact is that most executives don’t realize that to attract high-net-worth leads you need to be excellent with your digital marketing, your funnel and your content. Everything else will just create half-baked results. Especially if you want to future proof your business you need to be aware of new technologies (AR, VR, apps) and plan accordingly when it comes to the content you want to produce.

In the next episode:

In the next episode we will talk about email marketing and sales/CRM follow-up tactics. Stay tuned!

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