In part four of our series on digital marketing funnels for luxury travel we talk about email marketing and marketing automation. Find out why it is a crucial component in every marketing strategy but is often executed poorly due to a lack of awareness.

What we cover in this episode?

  • What is bad email marketing?
  • In what part of the funnel is email marketing relevant?
  • Reason for the opt-in (incentives, leadmagnets)
  • Forms & landing pages (pop-ups)
  • Newsletter (Welcome Automations)
  • Regular CTA campaigns
  • GDRP compliance (privacy, data)
  • Good copywriting & design
  • The right tone of voice
  • Frequency
  • The difference between email marketing automation
  • Segmentation
  • Personalization
  • What if you have multiple funnels (growth frameworks)
  • What makes sense for luxury travel
  • Connecting to the CRM (sales follow ups)
  • Analytics (sends, open, clicks, rating)
  • Should you buy lists? (Mostly no)
  • Renting email (sponsored email list)
  • Collaborations
  • Technology

Why is email still considered to be the number one channel in online marketing?

A lot of luxury travel companies just use the bare bone minimum when it comes to email marketing. A simple opt-in form in the footer and a monthly (boring) newsletter. But you can do so much more with email marketing and marketing automation (if you database reaches the necessary size for it).

From sending ultra-personalized, intimate communication to your HNWI clients and customers, to analyzing and scoring the inbound leads you generate via your multitude of funnels. Email marketing paired with sound tactics and analytics is the key to success in growing a sustainable business.

Until voice commands, VR and AR take over completely, email will remain a key component of every digital marketing funnel. From generating and nurturing leads to up and cross-selling additional luxury services to existing customers, email is the way to go.

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