A departure from our usual content, today we want to talk a little bit about business ethics. Sadly a topic that doesn’t get enough love if you ask us.

What do we cover in this episode?

  • Ethics in luxury travel (B2C)
    – Sustainability
    – Ecological tourism
    – C02 footprints
    – Reduction of racism and stereotypes
    – Promotion of intercultural understanding


  • Intellectual property & copyright in marketing
    – Respecting intellectual property (logos, trademarks etc.)
    – Respecting the creative work of artists (music, photography, video)
    – No blatant copying of materials


  • Ethics in B2B
    – Double standards when it comes to outbound sales
    – Rude behavior
    – Ghosting, benchmarking, spec work
    – Being a tirekicker
    – Empathy for other companies
    – Business is not war


  • Running a company
    – Our inspiration for creating Jadewolf Marketing
    – Ricardo Semmler (who is he)
    – The 7 day weekend (book)
    – Some examples for humane management

Without decent business ethics there cannot be long-term growth and sustainability in 2019.

Be it when you are selling luxury services or products to your customers (b2c), creating marketing materials to do promotion (IP & Copyright), dealing with other companies (b2b) or running your own business, ethics are always an issue, even if you are not aware of it.

A lot of behaviors have become normalized these days that are simply not acceptable if you want to develop a good reputation with all stakeholders, maintain the planet and prosper without exploiting other human beings. In this episode we want to showcase some examples of bad behavior coupled with potential management approaches you can utilize to reduce these kind of issues in your business.

In the next episode:

In the next episode we will talk about mainstream media buys (SEM, Paid Social) and how much value you can get out of them, and why you should be realistic about the amount of business you can generate via those traffic channels for luxury travel.

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