We’re starting a new 3-episode mini series on common issues in luxury travel marketing in 2019. Our first episode will be about the luxury hospitality industry. Tune in if you are a luxury hotel or resort marketer who is looking for some solutions.

What do we cover in this episode?

  • Who is this podcast episode intended for?
  • “We’re relying too much on OTAs, and those bookings usually have very little up-sell potential.”
  • “Our guests are getting younger and more digital, it is harder to reach them with traditional approaches.”
  • “We need to reach more people from markets like Russia, the UAE or China but have a hard time bridging that technological and culture gap.”
  • “Our traditional luxury brand marketing approach has become harder to justify cost-wise since the ROI is very difficult to measure.”
  • “Getting high-net-worth direct bookings on a consistent basis is hard since a lot of it is word-of-mouth. We have a hard time scaling our efforts like this.”

The modern hospitality marketing landscape has changed. OTAs are NOT the answer anymore!

For a long time the only performance marketing that most hotels did were OTAs, SEM, SEO, social media and a bit of email marketing. But the market landscape has evolved, there are more millionaires and UHNWs in the world than ever before, and those people will not book via OTAs or do extensive research on Google or social media.

We are experiencing massive demographical, geographical and generational shifts in luxury travel right now, and dealing with these forces in a pro-active matter is what this podcast episode is all about.

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