The next episode in our 3-episode mini-series covers the yachting and private aviation industry. Find out what are some of the common issues in yachting and private aviation marketing.

What do we cover in this episode?

  • Who is this podcast episode intended for?
  • The difference between charters, operators and manufacturers.
  • “Our lead generation efforts can be quite inconsistent. It is a lot of hit and miss.”
  • “Purchasing b2c lists and data is cost effective, but often yields sub-par results leading to a lot of wasted time with our sales reps.”
  • “Traditional marketing approaches like trade shows, networking, referrals, cold calling and cold email still work but we are seeing diminishing returns, it is getting harder and harder to reach the right people.”
  • “Our traditional luxury brand marketing approach has become harder to justify cost-wise since the ROI is very difficult to measure.”
  • “Getting high-net-worth direct bookings on a consistent basis is hard since a lot of it is word-of-mouth. We have a hard time scaling our efforts like this.”

As business models with a strong focus on outbound sales, aviation and yachting charters need to re-think their approach to lead gen in the modern time

The average yachting or aviation charter office consists usually of one or two managers, a couple of brokers, preexisting relationships to operators and owners, and a pretty website.

The fact that this is less than optimal  in 2019 doesn’t need to be mentioned. Still, there is quite a lot of push back when it comes to educating managers and owners in these industries about how they can leverage online direct marketing for yachting or private aviation to generate high-quality leads for their brokers.

This is mostly due to a lack of general know-how when it comes to online promotion and marketing in general sadly. If you want to get more out of your marketing budget and move slowly away from outdated lists and purchased data, listen to this podcast episode!

In the next episode:

In the next episode we will talk about common luxury travel marketing issues that tour operators, travel agents and agencies are facing in today’s market. So stay tuned!

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