Want to find out how to evaluate media kits, audiences and reach? Are you working on your first luxury media mix? In this episode we teach you what kind of metrics to look out for, what to ask and how to avoid fake influencers that are out there.

What do we cover in this episode

  • Direct Media Buying (What is it?)
  • Planning your media mix
  • Publishers, Bloggers, SM Influencers
  • Media kits
  • Media kit Metrics
  • Dealing with Salespeople
  • Dealing with influencers
  • Vetting influencer reach
  • Tools and the conflict with big tech

Designing a sophisticated media mix is the first step to becoming more independent from Google, Facebook,, and other tech companies

The first idea that comes to mind when you talk about buying media is the traditional analogue approach: TV, Radio, Print and Out-Of-Home. In the digital space most marketers associate media nowadays with big technology companies like Facebook, Google etc. And while those big players do offer some audiences and targeting options that are interesting, when it comes to reaching really specific high-net-worth niche audiences, they often fail as their general focus is on big enterprise companies and their need to reach the mass market.

As such, travel marketing professionals need to look for direct media buying options that attract affluent visitors as well. But here the difficulty starts, even if you find bunch of websites, bloggers and influencers that you think might fit your brand and target audience, how do you go about working with them? What do you need to look out for when it comes to metrics and how do you separate the legitimate ones from the fakers out there? This episode will show you how!

In the next episode

In the next episode we will talk about exotic markets and what media options, search engines and social media networks are out there to explore.

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