If you are selling luxury travel services, you need to start looking beyond just Europe and North America. There are a lot of great marketing technologies and social media platforms available in the rest of the world.

What do we cover in this episode

  • Mainstream marketing platforms
  • Exotic markets (what does it mean)
  • Tech-ecospheres, politics and law
  • Russia
  • Thailand, South East Asia & Japan
  • Mainland China
  • What can you do with it
  • How to leverage it

Digital marketing is not the same around the globe. There are a lot of marketing opportunities out there if you look beyond Europe and North America!

Digital marketing is so much more than just Google, Facebook and Co., there are millionaires and even billionaires in Russia, Asia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. But to reach them, apart from direct media buys in luxury niche publications, the adventurous and smart business owners or marketers can use a variety of country or region-specific technologies and social media platforms.

The future is Asian, and even if you don’t agree with that phrase, the time to act is now if you don’t want to miss out on a lot of powerful business opportunities. But exploiting those opportunities doesn’t come without its risks. You need to step up your game in terms of language, intercultural communication, representation and other areas if you want to succeed in unique markets like China, Russia and other countries.

Make sure to tune in and get a first introduction to apps, websites and search engines from beyond the pond.

In the next episode

In the next episode we will talk about the 10 basic tenets of luxury copywriting and why written “content” is not just something that you dismiss as not relevant.

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