If you want to sell luxury travel services or products, your copy needs to be on point. Every day I see mistakes with luxury copywriting. A lot of brands are out there trying to sell their six-figure luxury travel packages, hospitality services or products, private aviation or yacht charters, but are not willing to invest in a great copy. Listen to this episode and be different!

What do we cover in this episode

  • Know who your reader is
  • Never make it about price
  • Never make it about value either
  • Features & benefits
  • Be aware of emotional purchase drivers
  • Amplify a preexisting desire
  • Don’t dumb it down too much
  • Use vivid images and visualization
  • Disqualify where you can
  • Create a world of abundance

A lot of companies want to sell 5 figure or even 6 figure holiday packages or memberships but are too stingy to even invest in serious luxury copywriting. Don’t be that kind of marketer!

Copywriting is an often under-valued and under-appreciated component of direct marketing or any kind of marketing for that matter. Luxury, in general, tends to employ minimalist copy in brand marketing because of its reliance on flashy visuals and famous logos. But in any sales context, copywriting can be become a crucial asset, because when people want information about your product, your process, your company and your track record, they will read, watch and listen.

And for those people who still want to READ (hint: it is the majority of us), copywriting that speaks to their individual buying style and communicates what they want to hear is exactly what you should employ on your website, on your landing pages, in your ads and in your emails among other things.

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