Do you want to employ video in your luxury travel marketing strategy? Good idea! But there are a lot of things that go into well-thought-out video marketing. Learn the basics for luxury here!

What do we cover in this episode

  • The three basic uses of video
    – employer branding
    – brand marketing
    – direct marketing
  • Formats
  • Long vs short form
  • Storytelling vs explaining/selling
  • Showing off the product vs the company
  • Three tiers of production level quality
  • Basic
  • Animated/stock footage
  • Live action
  • Where to use video online

Everybody wants to do video marketing these days, but it is a bit more complicated than it seems

From simple short clips to live streaming on social media or even long-form intricate luxury brand movies, there is a myriad of applications for great videos in digital marketing. Don’t get me wrong, people still read, after all, you are reading this podcast description post as well, aren’t you? But video can communicate information in a much more concise and emotional way, which is why it can be particularly useful for luxury marketers working in hospitality, yachting or aviation.

But where should you start, and what kind of formats and advertising opportunities that involve video are out there? Is it enough to just do a simple power-point slide voice-over or should you actually shoot live footage and hire a professional videographer? In this episode, we answer some of these crucial questions. If you are new to video marketing but want to employ it for your brand than make sure to listen to the episode in full to cover the most important basics before you start.

In the next episode

In the next episode, we will cover the basics of CRO or conversion-rate-optimization for luxury. Tune in and find out how to optimize your website, landing pages, email templates and pieces of content for maximum returns!

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