You spend countless dollars or euros on targeted traffic, maybe spend even more time on generating links and building up your social media reach, and now what? If you want your precious online traffic to convert properly then you better look into CRO.

What do we cover in this episode

  • Areas of application
  • Website design
  • Above the fold
  • Menus
  • Headlines
  • Buttons
  • Whitespace
  • Copywriting
  • Graphics
  • Rich Media
  • Forms
  • Footer
  • Other areas of application
  • Ad copy
  • Landing page design
  • Email Templates
  • Applications
  • Checkouts

Squeezing the maximum out of your existing traffic is an art form

CRO is a relative new science, that has evolved from the need for higher conversions and more returns on existing traffic acquisition and digital marketing initiatives. Conversion rate optimization is a powerful tool and methodology, if applied correctly, when it is used on websites with moderate to high amounts of traffic. By starting to apply an A/B experimentation mindset to each and all elements of design, copy and functionality you can turn a low-converting, failing website into a highly performing digital business asset.

Things like whitespace, menus, buttons, CTAs, forms, graphics and much more can be compared, evaluated and switched off or switched out if required, to serve the overall conversion goals (bookings, leads, opt-ins etc.) of the business. By applying the scientific method you as a marketer or business owner can squeeze out much more value out of the visitors you already have!

In the next episode

In the next episode, we will list our internal 10 top rules of email marketing for luxury travel. Tune in and design email that gets opened, read and converts subscriber into customers and recurring business!

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