You got a newsletter. Great, but is it everything that is out there in terms of email marketing? And how do you craft email that is read by millionaires and billionaires? Tune in and find out.

What do we cover in this episode

  1. Clean your email list
  2. Segmentation
  3. Grow your list actively
  4. Design templates that are on brand
  5. Use CRO for your email templates
  6. Use email for different things
  7. Use luxury copywriting
  8. Quality is better than quantity
  9. Comply with privacy laws
  10. Learn from your analytics

Don’t expect people to connect with your brand if you don’t even follow the basics!

The basics of email marketing for travel include more than just sending a newsletter here and there or checking from time to time who is opening your emails. You need to follow a couple of basic rules if you want to turn your email marketing into a useful digital asset for your business. In this podcast episode we lay out the 10 most basic rules out for you. And remember, quality in luxury is important but it is not everything. Your email marketing needs to connect with your consumers on an emotional level if you want to succeed.

But without the right technical fundamentals, it will be very hard to ever advance to a level of true connection with your subscribers, so make sure to be diligent, privacy compliant and creative with what you design and send to your subscribers or they will unsubscribe quicker than you can say “I don’t want to receive this anymore”.

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