How much money do I need? Should we do everything ourselves or can we afford to hire somebody? How much do agencies charge? What types of luxury marketing are available and at what cost? All these questions are answered in this episode!

What do we cover in this episode

  • Different styles of luxury marketing
  • The wrong mindset vs the right mindset
  • Doing the math and calculating ROI
  • Are you ready to hire an agency?
  • Setting realistic expectations before you start a relationship

Luxury marketing will always require more investment than a simplistic cookie-cutter digital marketing approach.

No matter if you are a small business owner, a marketing director who considers hiring a new agency or the head of a large enterprise marketing department that already works with multiple agencies, the question is always in the back of your mind: “How much should professional luxury marketing cost?”. It is only natural, that anyone interested in the future growth of their business would want to know what kind of investment luxury marketing requires or if they are overpaying with the partners they are already involved with.

In this episode we discuss different types of marketing approaches, the math behind them, and how to tell whether it is the right time to start working with a luxury marketing agency in terms of value and investment. We also talk about why professional luxury marketing has a higher risk/reward ratio than your average “one-size-fits-all” digital marketing service.

In the next episode

The next episode will be slightly different from usual, as we want to celebrate the 30th episode of the Luxury Travel Marketer podcast and tell you a little bit more about ourselves, our motivation for creating Jadewolf Marketing, the goals and plans we have for the future, and why we are running this podcast. I hope you join us for this special episode!

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