We’re back after a two week hiatus due to disruptions caused by Covid-19. And so this episode is going to be all about how we are dealing with it, how the industry is affected and how we are seeing the future of luxury travel (hint: we are hopeful and so should be you).

What do we cover in this episode

  • How Jadewolf is reacting to disruptions caused by Covid-19
  • How are the different luxury travel verticals affected by this crisis
  • What the future of luxury travel will be like
  • How sales & travel marketing can help

The luxury travel industry is going through difficult times, but we need to be prepared for a post-crisis world of luxury travel

All verticals of luxury travel are affected in one way or another by Covid-19. But these hard times will pass, and business owners, managing directors and luxury marketers should be ready for the new world of luxury travel that will be shaped by these current events. Increased scrutiny when it comes to hygiene, more distance and privacy or high-profile guests and other things are on the horizon and need to be taken into account once the demand picks up again and travel restrictions are lifted. On the other hand private aviation business models are doing really well right now. In this episode we try to offer some crisis management advice, how to prioritize through this pandemic and how sales and marketing can help soften the blow of recurring business from previous customers.

In the next episode

We will talk about how private and business aviation companies can generate high-quality leads online by targeting and profiling C-level business executives. From the assistant to the CEO, find out how to reach them effectively. Stay tuned!

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