In today’s episode we are talking with Dr. James Mabey, hospitality veteran and luxury expert in the Middle East and Asia. Tune in to find out how to tackle the current crisis and how luxury hotel brands can enter the Middle East and Asia successfully.

What do we cover in this episode

  • Who is Dr. James Mabey
  • His current role as the Chief International Business Officer, board member and lecturer
  • How to do business effectively in the Middle East and Asia
  • What type of sales & marketing challenges do Hotels face in these regions
  • How the crisis is affecting hoteliers at the moment
  • How the luxury segment can deal with a post-Covid19 world
  • Why hotel brands should embrace a positive message and digital technology

Doing business and running a high-end hotel in the Middle East and Asia requires finesse. Dr. James Mabey knows exactly how to navigate these specific cultural environments

dr james mabey

Image Credit: Dinsor Michaels

Dr. Mabey holds degrees from the United States, Thailand, Dubai, and China including an MBA, Law Degree, and a Doctorate Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Dr. Mabey has lived in Asia since 1999, and has over a decade of business consulting and real-estate development experience in the region. He speaks Mandarin, Thai, Laotian, and Spanish.

Dr. Mabey previously held key positions as, Chief Operating Officer Antaeus Group (Hospitality and Real Estate), Interim Chief Development Officer and Senior Vice President of Development – Asia Pacific, for Jumeirah Group, Senior Director of Development for Marco Polo Hotels, and Director of Development for Jumeirah Private Island, Phuket, as well as China Operations and Development Manager for the International Resort Development Group. He also served as Economic and Tourism Development Advisor to the Thailand Ministry of the Interior, and Phuket Governor’s Office from 2005 to 2011.


You can connect with Dr. Maybe on LinkedIn:

Dr. James Mabey on LinkedIn

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