If you think video is just for Zoom calls with customers, then you need to learn a thing or two. Tune in and get inspired on how to use video for engagement, closing and customer retention in luxury travel.

What do we cover in this episode

  • Using video for the different stages of the digital marketing funnel (middle vs bottom)
  • Best video marketing tools to use
  • Video marketing application in aviation, hospitality, travel, and yachting

Video marketing is an extremely powerful tool, but how can you use it for customer engagement and retention?

A lot of businesses, especially in luxury hospitality, private & business aviation, yachting and travel are now being forced into not only embracing the world of digital and social media, but also starting to use video more than ever before.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing, most of our communications have moved online, and so the role of video has become even more important in conducting daily business.

If you’re a small business owner or a marketer from a smaller luxury brand that hasn’t used video marketing before, and you need a general primer on the basics of video marketing for luxury travel, make sure to listen to one of our previous episodes where we talk about video in the context of data-driven marketing and marketing funnels.

In this episode, we talk about how you can use video marketing to engage with your customers after they already have passed the awareness stage, meaning you already got their attention and contact information. Tune in to find out what are some of the creative implementations for video are in the middle (consideration stage) and the bottom of the funnel (decision stage).

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