In today’s episode we are talking to Francis Ndicu, Product Manager at HubSpot. He shares his unique perspective on inbound marketing, customer engagement and the importance of personalization and timing in today’s digital world. Tune in to learn how luxury travel businesses can efficiently attract, engage, and delight their customers at scale with a platform like HubSpot.

What do we cover in this episode

  • Francis and his career at Hubspot
  • The inbound methodology – the marketing flywheel
  • Marketing automation in a b2c context
  • Using personalization and context
  • Big data and analytics
  • How to leverage the Hubspot academy and resource section

Marketing automation is more than just software. Francis Ndicu shares how you can smartly automate, use context and timing to improve  interactions with customers. 

He was responsible for guiding new HubSpot for Startups customers through the HubSpot software set up, tool training, and initial sales and marketing campaign planning.  On top of that he has helped build out the HubSpot for Startups implementation and on-boarding program.

A year ago Francis moved to product team and now is responsible for the HubSpot ecosystem.



You can connect with Francis here:

Use HubSpot resources to become a better marketer:
HubSpot’s Marketing Courses
HubSpot’s Business & Marketing Resources

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