Google Chrome announced in 2019 that they will phase out 3rd party cookies by 2022. This will change the digital advertising landscape forever. If you want to be on top of things and ready for the new technology eco-system that will result from this, tune in now!

What do we cover in this episode

  • What is a cookie
    – What is a 3rd party cookie
    – What is it being used for today
    – When will it be phased out
    – Why is it being phased out
  • How will digital advertising change?
    – Overreliance on Facebook, Google, Outbrain, Taboola & Co.
    – Overreliance on remarketing to drive long-term ROI
  • Publishers, direct and programmatic are gonna become more important again
    – First party cookies
    – Shared data room solutions
  • Why data-driven marketing is still the future

The marketing landscape will change drastically after  3rd party cookies are phased out

As most marketers in luxury are still catching up to things like social media, marketing automation and CRO, the next generation of marketing technology and media buying methodologies is already being developed. With the retirement of 3rd party cookies by Google in 2022, advertisers and agencies will need to start thinking about new ways of safely sharing data, building contextual luxury segments and use opt-in information in a much smarter way to match the right message to the right affluent prospect.

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