In today’s episode we are talking to Chelsea Scholz, Marketing Manager of Campaign Strategy at Unbounce. She explains the importance of data in digital marketing and how machine learning and AI can support creativity and empower modern, data-driven marketers. Tune in and learn how conversion intelligence can make your life easier and why Unbounce is great tool for modern marketers and designers.

What do we cover in this episode

  • Chelsea and her career at Unbounce
  • Unbounce as a landing page/funnel design tool
  • The importance of data-driven decision making as well as creativity in marketing
  • CRO and why it matters for data-driven marketing
  • Conversion benchmarks for travel
  • The future of CRO, landing page design, and Unbounce
  • How to leverage the Unbounce resources to become a better marketer

Data and creativity are a perfect union, there is no limit to your potential ROI if you manage to combine both. 

unbounceChelsea has been around Unbounce for quite some time (She is a true veteran). She started as a Marketing Project Manager, and then moved into a more strategic position within the Unbounce team.

She is currently leading the TOFU/MOFU strategy across the department and defines how the team prioritizes and executes their work to hit their individual KPIs. Alongside high-level strategy definition, Chelse also is a prime executor and continues to work closely with all experts on the team to bring campaigns to market and spread the good word about Unbounce as a powerful tool for data-driven marketers.


You can connect with Chelsea here:


Improve your landing pages with free resources from Unbounce:

The Landing Page Sessions
Landing Page Analyzer
Conversion Benchmark Report 2020
Unbounce Conversion Intelligence


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