Marinas are an extremely important part of the superyachting eco-system. Right now they are not in a good place, so let’s take a look at some ways marinas can come out on top with smart marketing.

What do we cover in this episode

  • Importance of marinas in the yachting eco-system
  • Why marinas are struggling
  • Options for recovery
  • What type of digital marketing works best for marinas

With the current pandemic and the overall uncertainty about travel restrictions, marinas are being left hanging at the moment. But they have some options!

Marinas are a crucial part of the superyachting experience. Right now all the entertainment and service options that marinas offer are not as attractive as they were before due to health and safety risks or government regulations. But this will change in the future again with vaccines and lifted restrictions on the horizon. How can marinas leverage digital marketing to prepare for that moment or fill their pipeline again? This episode gives a simple introduction into marketing for marinas. Tune in if you are a struggling marina owner or if you want to attract more affluent yacht owners for your next season.


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