It is time for some tough love. Listen to this episode and make sure you are not committing any of these 10 cardinal sins of luxury hospitality marketing!

What do we cover in this episode

  1. You don’t know your ideal guest profile
  2. You are over-reliant on one acquisition channel
  3. Your branding is boring and outdated
  4. Local marketing teams have no agency
  5. You are using social media the wrong way
  6. Not vetting your influencers
  7. No focus on data, analytics and CRO
  8. Thinking the brand experience starts at the check-in and ends at the check-out
  9. Not exploring emerging markets and being culturally insensitive
  10. Thinking that you can do everything in-house and as cheap as possible

luxury hotel marketing

Are you falling into one of these traps? If yes, it is time to wake up, skill up and level up your hospitality marketing game!

A lot of luxury hospitality marketing is built on the notion that “it has worked in the past and it will work in the future”, which is obviously complete nonsense. Modern hoteliers and the marketers that work with them need to wake up and face the music. After the pandemic only the companies will be left standing that have the willingness to change, innovate and embrace new ways of attracting affluent guests. In this episode we hand out some tough love and talk about 10 deadly sins you need to avoid when running marketing campaigns for a luxury property in 2020 and beyond.


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