50 episodes and over 5000 downloads later, we are the only podcast that combines digital marketing, luxury marketing, and travel marketing into one experience. In this episode we talk about the state of our agency in 2020, how the crisis has affected us, and why we are positive about the future in 2021 and beyond.

What do we cover in this episode

  • How we are doing as an agency
  • Our plans for 2021
  • How can you support us if you like this podcast and what we do
  • Our big dream & vision for the future

We can’t believe we made it to 50 episodes! Let’s celebrate together and talk a bit about what is going on with our agency and the future of this podcast

This year has been crazy for us with a lot of ups and downs (a lot of downs actually due to Covid-19). Jadewolf Marketing as a marketing agency is now 1.5 years old, this podcast has hit episode 50 (we can’t believe it either) and we keep on pouring all of our heart and energy into providing great content and useful, valuable services to our clients. Tune in if you want to learn more about how we are doing as a team, how you as a listener can support us, what our goals are for the future and all the cool stuff we are going to release in 2021. Last but not least, thank you for all of you who are regular listeners and the people that engage with us. We value your feedback, input and the business you bring us and hope you are all safe and sound out there in these difficult times.

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