What are you trying to express with your luxury brand? Power, status, freedom, beauty, harmony, or something else? Are these emotions helping you sell or are you missing the beat? Tune in to find out how to use implicit codes in your luxury marketing.

What do we cover in this episode

  • What are implicit codes
  • Why do you need to use them in your design
  • Emotional induction
  • How are they related to emotional purchase triggers
  • Branding vs copy vs rich media
  • How to apply them

Implicit codes are one of your most powerful tools when designing luxury marketing campaigns.

Implicit codes are subtle design tactics that when employed correctly, can induce powerful emotions in your affluent buyers. If used the wrong way, they can cause mistrust, confusion and ultimately destroy the deal. But how do you breakdown all the important implicit codes that fit your luxury brand and apply them step-by-step to your homepage, landing pages, emails, ads, and so on? Tune into this episode to find out where implicit codes fit into your funnel, how they can be analyzed and applied and why there is no magic bullet in luxury marketing but only hard work.

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