Being a successful luxury marketer has a lot to do with the right mindset. Instead of relying on the status quo make sure that you are approaching your marketing challenges the right way. It can mean the difference between success and failure!

What do we cover in this episode

  • Why is mindset important?
  • Traditional marketing vs data-driven marketing
  • The magic bullet problem
  • Technology is not everything
  • Media buying is more than just Google & Facebook
  • Understanding consumer psychology in luxury
  • Understanding the role of art and design
  • The right mindset
  • Understanding what we call the 3 pillars
  • There is no free promotion in luxury travel
  • Marketing means taking risks
  • Thinking like a scientist
  • Being an innovator

There are reasons that small businesses or solo – entrepreneurs stay small. Often this has to do with having the wrong mindset when it comes to marketing.

To start, grow and scale a business you need an effective sales & marketing strategy that fits your market. In luxury this is complicated further by the fact that you are trying to sell to affluent customers which can be difficult, discerning and hard to reach sometimes through mainstream advertising channels. But if you have the wrong mindset, chances are you will invest your time, resources, budget and effort into the wrong activities, people and partners which can either cripple the growth of your brand, or in a worst case scenario fail your start-up or bankrupt your company. To learn more about a positive, rational but also realistic mindset for luxury marketing instead, listen to this episode.

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