What excites affluent consumers about your luxury travel brand? How do you develop luxury USPs, and how do you prioritize them? And, finally, how can you distill that missing element that people call the “luxury dream”? In this episode we will answer all of these questions.

What do we cover in this episode

  • What is message mining?
  • The danger of public reviews
  • Who should message mine?
  • Who should not?
  • Where can you apply your findings?
  • Getting to a great luxury USP
  • Enhancing the luxury dream

Message mining is ideal for brands that want to really pinpoint what affluent consumers enjoy most about their service.

There are of course a variety of ways to get to that data. Public reviews on Google, social media or OTAs if your brand has reviews enabled, of course, can be a rich source of marketing messages. But a much more powerful way is to actually survey and interview your best high-profile customers and then mine that data for powerful luxury USPs and mental images you can re-use in your marketing. This episode shows you some potential questions you can ask your wealthy patrons about why they chose you over another company.

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