Ever heard of neuromarketing? It governs how we react, based on our 5 senses and emotions, to advertising and branding. If you want to learn more about how the limbic system influences every purchase decision in luxury travel marketing, tune in now!

What do we cover in this episode

  • What is the limbic system in the context of neuromarketing
  • What is the limbic map
  • What are emotional archetypes and why are they useful
  • Emotional motivations and objections
  • Better personas lead to better campaigns

The limbic map can  be one of the keys to discover the power of emotions in luxury marketing

Most marketers stop at simple, publicly available information when it comes to personas. Basic criteria like gender, age and nationality are often the only info that marketers take into account which is obviously a waste of potential! Even worse, some marketers only go by guesswork or vague one-liners from sales when it comes to affluent prospects and how they make decisions when choosing a certain luxury hotel, a yacht charter company or a private aviation brand. In this episode we will show you a new way of adding an emotional layer to your personas which will help turn your content and messaging into a powerful tool to drive action.

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