Is your affluent prospect problem aware, brand aware or even product aware? Or has he or she just seen your logo somewhere on a billboard or in some luxury magazine? Learn how to raise brand awareness the right way in this week’s episode!

What do we cover in this episode

  • What is brand awareness in the context of luxury marketing?
  • What are useful conversions?
  • What are the different stages of awareness?
  • How does brand awareness influence your content and messaging?
  • The copywriting formula to account for awareness levels
  • When to demonstrate value
  • The interplay of brand and direct marketing

Most luxury marketers have a very limited understanding when it comes to brand awareness

There are several ways to use brand awareness as a tool in luxury marketing. You can measure top-of-mind brand awareness on a large scale through focus groups, customer surveys and voice of customer research (to determine ROI for your brand marketing campaigns), or you can go for a more personal 1-on-1 interview methodology. If you go for the personal approach you will have 4 different stages of awareness (problem, solution, brand and product) that you can use to target your copy, campaigns, design and many other elements of your overall marketing strategy towards your ideal personas. Measuring things like brand recall or ad recall can be also very helpful in this instance. In this episode we bring brand and direct marketing together and show you how to properly apply those 4 stages of awareness in your marketing funnel for maximum effect. If you want to run full-funnel campaigns that take your brand awareness levels into account tune in to this episode and learn all about the top part of the digital luxury marketing funnel.

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