Our business has been selling luxury products and services for over 100 years, how dare you to question us? Do you believe in this philosophy or should it rather be, how can we serve you, how can we fulfill your travel and leisure fantasy? Find out in this episode why you should make a clear distinction between the two approaches.

What do we cover in this episode

  • What does trend setting mean in the context of marketing & sales
  • Traditional top-down taste dictation in luxury
  • Trend setting in luxury travel and it’s applications
  • Why is personalization better/the future?
  • Where can we apply personalization in luxury marketing?

Traditionally marketers in luxury have always operated from a top-down fashion when it comes to telling customers what the newest trends are and why they should buy them, but times are changing and trends are becoming less relevant.

Trendsetting tends to work well in luxury verticals like fashion, jewellery or leather. But telling an affluent prospect in your marketing what destination he should travel to next versus offering him a custom, consultative service is a whole different question. This is why we as luxury marketers should craft messaging and content that resonates more with the idea of personalization than dictating trends because the more high-end the luxury, the more ultra-personalized it should be. In this episode we take a close look at the two different approaches and compare their pros and cons.


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