As a request from one of our Patrons we’re going to look today at account based marketing for HNWI membership clubs in travel. How do you go about creating a curated list of VIPs, how do you market to them, and what are some associated costs? Tune in to find out.

What do we cover in this episode

  • What are luxury travel membership clubs?
  • How does their business model work?
  • How to prepare a curated list of HNWIs?
  • How to build an account strategy from that list?
  • Issues associated with advertising and targeting specific HNWIs
  • Limitations in terms of budget and scope

luxury hotel marketing

As a special request from one of our Patreons we are covering a specific topic today – membership clubs

When dealing with small-scale, exclusive luxury travel membership clubs that sell curated experiences to their members having a clear picture of a prospective memberlist is the first step to running an account based marketing strategy to acquire members with the right affluence. But how do you get to that list? And once you have it, what type of digital or offline tactics can help reach out to these people, spike their interest and convert them into members? And how do you incentive further referrals? Tune into this episode to get some insight into this niche-luxury travel business model.

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