We’re back for another episode. This time we want to shed some light on how you can position yourself as a trusted expert with your affluent clients, doesn’t matter if you’re working in aviation, hospitality, yachting or travel, this episode can help you elevate your personal brand to new levels.

What do we cover in this episode

  • What kind of professional can benefit from personal branding
  • How to generate authority
  • How to show emotions  & humanity
  • Why storytelling is key
  • How to prioritize your personal brand vs your company

luxury hotel marketing

Personal branding can be a powerful tool when selling to HNWIs

Are you a solo-entrepreneur or small business owner? Or maybe you are a c-level executive that is a face of the brand? In that case personal branding is a crucial tool to attract a higher caliber of customer. In this episode we highlight different expert marketing tactics that can applied to a luxury travel market. Ranging from authority marketing to emotional storytelling and correct brand positioning. While Jadewolf is a direct marketing agency, we do recognize the value and place of brand marketing. Tune in if you are a professional that wants to benefit from a more professional presentation in the public.

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