Are you still using Excel sheets, Outlook and your phone to organize your customer data and sales activities? If yes, then you need to listen to this episode and upgrade your process so you can start closing bigger deals, faster and more efficient than ever before.

What do we cover in this episode

  • What is a CRM?
  • What is sales enablement?
  • Why luxury sales should use technology to its advantage?
  • How to empower your sales team
  • Why data matters
  • How to get, maintain and expand your CRM data

Using a powerful CRM and effective sales enablement technology can make the difference between a under or over-performing sales force in luxury travel

Customer relationship management software by now has become the standard in organizations that use technology and data to advance and align their sales & marketing efforts. The luxury travel industry is no different. SMBs and enterprise organizations should use CRMs to collect, organize and use customer and prospect data in a more efficient way. The next level beyond that is to start using sales enablement solutions to empower your pro-active sales activities with more insights, automation and usability.

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