David vs Goliath, the major luxury hospitality franchise against the small but artsy and beautiful luxury boutique resort. Who will win the business? Tune in to find out.

What do we cover in this episode

  • What is the difference between boutique luxury and luxury hotel chains?
  • The number one mistake
  • Going digital
  • Being realistic
  • Have a unique voice
  • Target correctly
  • Don’t follow the herd
  • Do brand AND direct marketing
  • Work with professionals

Boutique hotels can actually compete with large luxury franchise companies if they take the right steps

Boutique hotels can actually stake their claim and compete with large chains that have significantly more brand awareness. The key is to play their cards right and get into the digital hotel marketing or digital advertising game the right way. Choosing to go digital, having an unique luxury brand and being innovative can mean the difference between volatile occupancy rates or steady growth and fully booked properties. Tune into this episode if you want to have a realistic view on growing and expanding your digital reach and direct bookings levels online.

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