The Luxury Travel Marketer returns after a three month hiatus with new episodes! In this one we talk about paid advertising as the number one growth driver in any mature luxury travel company. Tune in if you want to learn why paid advertising is so important for long-term growth!

What do we cover in this episode

  • What is paid advertising in a digital context
  • The problem with marketing investment in sales-driven organizations
  • Why there can be no massive growth without consistent paid advertising
  • Examples of paid advertising in luxury travel verticals
  • The role of creative and design
  • The role of analytics
  • The role of correct budgeting

Paid advertising is king when it comes to reliable, steady business growth – if done right!

Paid advertising is often misunderstood or rejected by small businesses or sales-driven organizations as sunken cost or wasted investment. This is obviously a false, toxic belief. One must just look at big hospitality enterprise companies or the leaders in super yachting or business aviation to instantly recognize their advertising investments as one of their major success drivers. Consistent, smart, full-funnel advertising executed with a decent budget can elevate a luxury brand to new heights in terms of brand awareness, bookings, lead generation and pricing power.

Small advertisers with small budgets tend to underestimate the investment that is necessary to overcome friction in the market and build up enough traction within your target HNWI segment to really start getting somewhere. This is easily understandable considered how false advertising by big self-serve PPC platforms like Facebook or Google Ads can often be misleading and give the impression paid advertising is easy or child’s play. In this episode we hope to break with some common misconceptions on paid advertising for luxury travel, tune in to learn how ads can be the savior of your business, even in difficult times.

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