Designing websites is hard. Designing a website that delivers a great experience to high-net-worth individuals and promotes your services and products in a non-aggressive but sophisticated way is especially hard. If you want to have a checklist of important web design elements that you need to have on your luxury travel website tune in!

What do we cover in this episode

  • What should a good website accomplish?
  • Where will the traffic come from?
  • Is your positioning well defined?
  • The luxury and neuromarketing perspective
  • Does the website provide enough “free” value?
  • Is the website built to convert?
  • Are the technical features all working?
  • Is the site legally compliant?
  • The best way to view a website in the long-term

Designing high converting luxury hotel, aviation, super yachting or travel websites requires a in-depth knowledge of luxury web design, UX/UI and conversion rate optimization

Did you ever asked yourself why some websites are barely placeholders with no commercial value and other pages, while being sometimes minimalistic and other times extravagant, drive a lot of traffic and conversions? Especially in luxury travel a lot of planning needs to go into the luxury web design of your homepage. As often the first touchpoint that affluent customers will have with your brand is your website,  it needs to have a high-degree of usability, well converting landing pages and and a lot of polish when it comes to aesthetics, style and messaging.

Luxury brand laws demand custom copywriting, storytelling and high-production quality editorials and videos to enchant demanding clients. If you want to drive more conversions, affluent traffic and brand value then listen to this weeks episode on high-converting luxury web design.

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