Why should you measure yourself when running luxury marketing campaigns? Where did those luxury hotel direct bookings or superyacht charter leads come from? Did they lead to additional sales or word of mouth referrals? How big should your next marketing or campaign budget be? Let’s answer some of these questions in this week’s episode.

What do we cover in this episode

  • What are marketing analytics?
  • Why do you need them?
  • What analytics tools and technologies are out there?
  • Why you should integrate your data silos through BI tools
  • How to make data-driven decisions empowered by analytics
  • What are some tangible benefits?

Marketing analytics is the most technical digital marketing discipline, and is often shunned for being too boring or number focused. But without strong digital analytics learning from your campaigns become borderline impossible.

Marketing analytics is more than just seeing how much traffic you have gotten to your website each month. Using UTM parameters to analyze traffic sources and conversions, looking at landing page performance or problems in your funnel design as well as your UI/UX is only possible through a combination of advanced marketing analytics tools.

If you want to increase conversions, reduce friction in your sales funnel and measure your awareness levels in the eyes of your affluent market segment, then downloading reports, feeding data into dashboards and comparing results and KPIs on a regular basis are must-dos that shouldn’t be skipped over under any circumstance.

Especially for larger, efficiency seeking organizations good marketing analytics and innovation are often the key differentiators between being market leaders or second-in-class performers. Tune into this episode to get a quick introduction to the importance of marketing analytics for your luxury travel brand.

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