Artificial Intelligence in Luxury Marketing – Summary

There’s no denying that the hype surrounding AI is real. It seems like the buzz around various applications of artificial intelligence (be it ChatGPT, AI-powered search, or AI-generated art) is only growing stronger by the day. And it’s no surprise that AI is becoming an increasingly important tool in the world of luxury marketing as well.

In this podcast episode, we look into how you can leverage the currently available AI tools and capabilities to amplify and enhance your digital marketing efforts, as well as avoid potential risks and pitfalls that come with the territory, such as plagiarism, maintaining your brand’s tone of voice, and avoiding copyright violations, just to name a few.

If you want to learn more about artificial intelligence in luxury travel marketing, make sure to read our latest article where we explore in depth the impact of AI on luxury travel marketing and stay tuned for our upcoming AI martech guide which we will release in April/May this year.

What do we cover in this episode

  • What exactly do we mean when we talk about AI (machine learning, neural networks, narrow AI, AGI – artificial general intelligence)?
  • How does AI relate to Big Data?
  • What are the most important use cases of AI today?
  • What are the risks and pitfalls of artificial intelligence in marketing?
  • What will the future bring in terms of development and technological progress?

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