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Jadewolf LLC
1603 Capitol Ave, Suite 310 A611
Cheyenne, WY 82001
United States
Tel: +1 307 316 5809


Jadewolf OÜ
Viru väljak 2
Tallinn, 10111
Tel: +372 884 0027


Please be aware of a couple of things before you contact us:

We only do custom luxury marketing projects, and we only work with 10-12 clients at any given time, so we are very selective about who we take on as a new client. This business is our passion, not our obligation, we want to do work that matters with people that care. We tend to only work with businesses in luxury travel, luxury hospitality, luxury real estate, private & business aviation, and super yachting. If your business falls outside those categories we reserve the right to reject your project.

Our minimum level engagement starts at $50 000 and our ideal client is results-driven, serious about growth, and focused on the long-term. If you are not willing to invest at least between $100,000 to $1 million or more into your digital marketing over the course of your first year with us then we are the wrong agency for you! After reading this, if you are still interested in hiring an expert firm like us, please fill out the form below truthfully and book a date and time that works for you. We respect your time and expect the same thing of you in return.

What we will do on the first call:

We will evaluate mutual fit based on your business model, your idea, your brand and your personality profile as a client. We will also deep dive and figure out what type of digital services you actually need versus what you think you need. Last but not least we will quantify the goals you want to achieve and quote you a range of prices based on different options that we think will get you there as fast as possible.

What we will not do on the first call:

We will not pitch for your business. We will not agree to fill out a long-form RFP document that nobody will read. We will never, under any circumstances, provide any form of free advice, insights, strategy, design or analysis before you hire us. We will also not share KPIs, results, tactics or any other sensitive information from previous clients to convince you to hire us. If it is not in our case study section then we are not talking about it. If you want to know if we are the right agency for you do your due diligence and browse our website, explore our thought leadership content, and come prepared. There are no freebies here, just hard-working, well-informed specialists that believe in what they do.