You want to contact us? Great! Please read this first:

What is the goal of our first discovery call together?

The goal is for us to evaluate mutual fit. This means we are trying to find out if you are the right client for our agency and if we are the right agency for your project. This means talking about your goals, your marketing investment and our services and prices.

What kind of clients do we like to work with?

We only do luxury travel & hospitality marketing projects and we are selective about who we take on as a new client. If your willingness to invest in your marketing is too low or we feel that we cannot add value to your business we reserve the right to reject you as a client and cut the sales process short to save us both some time.

On average, our minimum level engagement is $50 000 per client, if you are not willing to invest at least this amount with us over the course of a year then we are probably the wrong agency for you.

We also offer a small business coaching program for people who cannot afford our minimum level engagement. Spots in this program are limited and are assigned at our own discretion. The coaching program is intended for small solo travel advisors and small boutique hotels who want to improve their digital marketing in a do-it-yourself fashion. Ask us about if you don’t have the necessary funds to invest in your marketing right now.

Let’s set some boundaries

Just to manage your expectations, we will not pitch for your business and compete directly against other agencies. We don’t fill out RFPs either. As a general rule we don’t share KPIs, business intelligence or other detailed results from previous clients. If you are interested in our work please take a look at our case study section.  Also please don’t expect any free marketing strategy, presentations or advice in the first call since we actually charge a consulting fee for this service.

After reading all this, if you are interested in hiring Jadewolf to help you with your digital marketing then please go ahead and fill out the form below and book a date and time that works for you. We respect your time and expect the same of you in return. Please be punctual, pick up the phone or in case of a video call, have your webcam and microphone ready. Thank you!