Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for your services?

In general, we use a value based pricing model. We base our fee structure on the individual needs and situation of our clients. As a rule of thumb, if you are not ready to invest a five to six figure sum into your marketing, then we are not the right agency for you. Marketing to millionaires and billionaires is neither cheap nor easy.

Do you sell high-net-worth leads?

No. We don’t sell the contact details of wealthy individuals or families. Instead we help you generate interest and real buying intent from these affluent patrons through creativity, technology and smart marketing tactics.

Do you work on commission or performance based?

No. We create custom strategies, campaigns and digital assets for our clients. Agencies that charge based on performance usually have a cookie-cutter approach. One-size-fits-all solutions don’t work in luxury so we don’t do that.

Can I have a free audit or consultation?

We do not offer free audits or consultations based on the fact that our time is a precious asset for us. If you want our advice and a custom strategy for your business then we recommend that you hire us first.

If I send you an RFP, will you come in and pitch?

No. We don’t pitch for business. Pitching and writing 100 page long proposals is an outdated business practice in the agency world. Instead we like to start with a paid strategy or workshop project first. This leads to better briefs, smart deliverables and realistic goal setting in collaboration with our clients.

Do you provide free designs, drafts, mock-ups, samples or campaign ideas while pitching for my account?

No. And again, we don’t pitch for business. Agencies that provide free or so called spec work to win business tend to have razor thin margins and a toxic work culture based on burn-outs and creative fatigue. People who want a lot of stuff for free rarely turn out to be great customers anyway.

Where are you located?

We as founders are living in Berlin, Germany at the moment. Our larger team consists of skilled freelancers and dedicated luxury specialists all over the globe. We conduct most of our business remotely and online.

Can you visit me in my office?

We could, but is there really a reason for doing so these days? For large enterprise companies and people that have been clients for a while we can make exceptions, but only if you cover our travel expenses in addition to our regular fees.

Which languages and markets do you cover?

We are an online-first agency and as such we are global in our market reach and support several languages and regions. Currently we can provide marketing services and can build things for you in these languages: English, German, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Thai (more to be added in the future).

Can you send me a proposal or some information via email?

Yes. But we don’t send out materials via email without talking to our prospective customers first. Either on the phone, via live chat or video conference call. We want to make sure that we are the right fit for your business before both of us invest more time and energy into the relationship. And we only send out proposals once we have presented to you online and you have accepted our offer for an initial project. Writing proposals takes a lot of time after all.

Why do you want to give me an online presentation?

We want to make sure that our prospective clients understand who we are as an agency, how we would market a business similar to theirs, how our process works and what they will get in the initial strategy phase. This is not supposed to be a custom strategy but instead acts as a capabilities overview with an attached offer for serious buyers.

So all you do is buy ads? We do that already in-house.

If you believe this statement to be true than you most likely haven’t understood the complexity of doing luxury marketing online and what the benefits of working with an external agency are. Media buying is only a small part of the process. Content, design, creativity, data, analytics, technology and much more play a huge role in how effective your digital marketing is towards affluent customers. Working with an agency can provide you with an extra set of hands, a non-biased opinion, fresh creative ideas, cutting edge know-how and a trusted partner that you can outsource parts of your process to.