What We Do
What We Do

We Generate Direct Bookings

For Luxury Hospitality Companies

We Generate Direct Bookings For Luxury Hospitality Companies

Luxury hotels, 5-star resorts, vacation rentals, and wellness resorts need bookings. Be it direct bookings from high-net-worth guests or MICE leads for their event sales department. As long as a luxury property can maintain a booking rate of 80% or higher at all times the business will thrive. Our luxury marketing approach for generating high-net-worth direct bookings and leads that turn into high-ticket sales is what we call data-driven direct marketing.

While traditional luxury hotel marketing relies heavily on OTA marketing, referrals from travel agents and tour operators, relationship building and word of mouth, online direct marketing instead uses a variety of digital tools like media buying, content marketing, and email automation to drive bookings and high quality leads.

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Why Data-Driven Marketing Generates More Lucrative Bookings In The Luxury Hotel Market

By using paid hotel online marketing, driving bookings and leads for luxury hospitality companies becomes much more reliable and scalable. It is simple, you invest more advertising budget, you generate more bookings. You just keep going until your property is booked to capacity and healthy cash flow throughout the year is ensured.

Also, with direct marketing, you are not limited to your local or national market, but instead, you can generate leads from any country you like, which opens up the whole world to you. Want to tap into demand for the best boutique hotels? No problem. Want to advertise 5 stars all-inclusive resorts for families to affluent Chinese travelers? Sure. Why not? Sky’s the limit.

Last but not least, data-driven marketing is highly measurable and transparent. With our easy to use marketing analytics setup, we can tell you exactly which clicks lead to sales and which did not. In the long run, this means more effective marketing and less wasted budget.

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Our Focus Is Luxury And

High-Net-Worth Individuals

Our Focus Is Luxury And High-Net-Worth Individuals

We don’t work with hostels, one to three star properties or bargain motels. Marketing for hospitality already has enough players that are involved in a race to the bottom. We want to offer our clients an alternative. You can keep your high margins, while maintaining a high level 5 star all inclusive service by selling to affluent guests only. This is what we want to facilitate for our clients.

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We Offer An Alternative To

Traditional Hotel Marketing

We Offer An Alternative To Traditional Hotel Marketing

Selling global luxury suite bookings is all about relationships and trust. We understand that, but where does that first contact happen these days? In a travel retail agency office somewhere? At a local fundraiser? Most likely it will be online. It could be in an app, on the computer, on a luxury resort website or when somebody is searching for the most luxurious hotels in the world. Digital marketing for the hospitality industry is the right way forward to match this situation. We want to support our clients and enable them to leave the right impression, at the right time.

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The Results We Achieve For Our Clients

Speak For Themselves

The Results We Achieve For Our Clients Speak For Themselves

We generate bookings from guests that are willing to spend some money to get excellent service. And the type of MICE leads we create are warm, opt-in and inbound. This means that the people who raise their hand on your website want to do business with you. They are looking for a true luxury collection hotel or luxury resort that can fulfill all of their needs and wishes, 24/7. These guests are not looking for discounts.

The right type of luxury hospitality guests won’t haggle or complain about prices or when a luxury accommodation is not being up-to-standard immediately write a bad review online but instead will not only pay your hotel room rates but also recommend you to their network of affluent individuals. These are the types of guest profiles we deliver to our clients through data-driven direct marketing.

Who Are Our Clients
Who Are Our Clients

How Does Our Typical Hospitality Client Look Like?

When it comes to hotel marketing our typical clients are either international hospitality enterprise companies or small and medium-sized luxury boutique hotels that have achieved a certain level of maturity in terms of size, revenue, and annual marketing budget. As a rule of thumb, we tend to work best with companies that can at least invest 8 to 15% of their annual revenue into their marketing or at least have a budget of $10,000 or more.

What Type Of Luxury Hospitality Business Models Do We Support?

We work with large luxury collection hotels, luxury boutique hotels, wellness hotels & spas, luxury family resorts, couple resorts, premium mountain resorts as well as luxury vacation rental companies.

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Our Marketing Is International, Because Luxury Knows No Borders And Has No Bounds

We build hospitality marketing strategies that target countries all around the globe. From North America to Central or Eastern Europe all the way to the Middle East or Asia. We even have specialists that cover complex markets like Russia, Japan, and China.

Our Clients Serve The 01%

Buying visibility and advertising in the right luxury media channels, reaching audiences with very specific preferences and deep pockets is expensive and often difficult. If you are not aiming to attract and serve wealthy patrons, you mostly won’t have the profit margins to afford the consistent type of advertising that would really allow you to penetrate the international jet set community effectively.

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We Want To Help Businesses

Embrace New Technologies

We Want To Help Businesses Embrace New Technologies

Digital marketing for travel is constantly evolving. OTA marketing for example used to be new and exciting, now it has become just expensive and often unreliable for luxury hospitality companies.

Innovation these days is driven by data. Data can tell us how your customers travel, what they like and how they want to be sold to. At Jadewolf, we can help you collect, aggregate and use that big data to transform your sales and marketing process. We just ask you to be open-minded.

How Do We Generate Results
How Do We Generate Results

We Build Luxury Marketing Funnels

Our clients have complex customer profiles. Celebrities, affluent families, and high-level business executives are different from regular consumers. They have different needs in terms of privacy, luxury service, and access. Because of that we always create detailed personas that describe the ideal guest profile that fits the properties of our client best before we deep dive into building a smart marketing funnel that covers the awareness, consideration and purchase stage.

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What Hotel Marketing Channels

And Technologies Do We Use?

What Hotel Marketing Channels And Technologies Do We Use?

Data-driven direct marketing uses a variety of powerful tools to drive traffic, build attraction, honest trust and eventually the kind of strong emotional connection that is required to purchase a luxury trip from you. Amongst those channels and tools are media buying, pay-per-click, programmatic, social media marketing for hotels, hotel email marketing, marketing automation, CRMs, analytics and more advanced things like 3rd party data, landing page designers, sales engagement tools and much more.

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We Produce Content For You

That Sells The Luxury Dream

We Produce Content For You That Sells The Luxury Dream

Hotel marketing agencies thrive by being creative and unique. Gone are the days of blunt extravagance and wastefulness. If you really want to sell luxury villa rentals you need to deliver authentic and outstanding luxury hospitality experiences. Great content is a powerful method of communicating your ability to fulfill these kinds of dreams. Be it landing pages, mini-websites, apps, email marketing templates, copywriting or rich-media like hotel video marketing, audio marketing, and travel influencer content.

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No Advertising Dollar Goes Unmeasured

Luxury marketing funnels and paid advertising generate data. A lot of it. To optimize your marketing campaigns, the quality of your leads and the volume of your sales pipeline you need to measure everything. From the first click all the way up to how your front office staff interacts with affluent guests. With our sophisticated stack of marketing analytics technology (web analytics, heatmaps, live-recordings, pipeline metrics, business intelligence, etc.) we make sure that you never waste a single advertising dollar again and get maximum ROI.

How To Work With Us
How To Work With Us

How Do We Work With Clients?

A great hotel marketing campaign starts with a strategy. A lot of people love to skip this part because they think it will save them time or money. We are the opposite. We believe that interviewing your team, analyzing your website, social media channels and backend technology are crucial to identifying your ideal affluent customer.

That is why when we start working with new clients, we like to first spend one to two weeks learning the ins and outs of their business model and brand. By first doing a strategy project or workshop together we ensure that we are a great fit, can solve your marketing challenges and provide the kind of results you need to transform your business.

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The Next Step Is An Actual

Direct Marketing Funnel

The Next Step Is An Actual Direct Marketing Funnel

Here we really customize what we do for our clients. If you are a small or medium-sized luxury hospitality company we might start with a simple micro funnel based on SEM, PPC and social media ads with maybe one landing page and a bit of email marketing. This kind of direct marketing campaign usually can drive some initial revenue to justify a bigger investment project later on.

If you are a large business or enterprise company that needs affluent leads at scale to feed a larger sales team, or if you need to close ultra-high ticket packages with large margins that sell suites for the nicest hotels in the word, then we can build a custom luxury marketing funnel or growth framework for you that includes things like direct and programmatic media buying, responsive landing pages and website personalization, sophisticated marketing automation that connects to your CRM, emotional luxury copywriting, beautiful rich-media content, and detailed analytics that show you exactly the kind of KPIs you need to track.

Or you can just pick the parts you need and instruct us to work with your in-house team or let us consult you on the best way forward. We are here to help you achieve YOUR goals.

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Collecting Data Is Crucial To Your Success

Once the marketing funnel is built and the campaign is ready to go it is time to collect some data. The best way to collect enough data is by assigning an initial test budget and running some targeted ads towards your ideal luxury guest profile. This allows us to tweak and optimize the campaign and this way over the course of one or two months we can generate exactly the kind of leads you need.

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Creating A Long-Term Strategic Partnership

Things change, needs change, companies evolve. We understand this process and are here to support you along the way. Once the funnel we have built for you is creating the kind of results you were looking for and the leads are flowing in we can take the next step. At this point we can start working with you on scaling up your direct marketing machine to include more luxury media options, different types of content and help you incorporate new cutting-edge tactics and marketing technologies to further drive visibility and brand awareness in the right social circles that can afford your services.

How To Get In Touch With Us
How To Get In Touch With Us

It’s Simple, Ask For A Callback!

The best way to start a conversation with us is to fill out our callback request form. On that form we ask you some simple questions about your business that can help us determine the best strategy format for your company. After you fill out the form we will reach out to you in the next 24 hours via the phone to confirm all the necessary details.

For some people a simple two week remote strategy project is enough to kickstart things, for larger more complex projects that involve several markets and different affluent traveler profiles, we might want to take a bit longer, involve more people and maybe even visit your office and host a goal setting or tactics workshop. Once we agree on all the details we will make you an offer for an initial project and submit it to you for review.

Connect With Us On Social Media

We are active on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and especially on Linkedin. Don’t hesitate to follow us or contact the executive team directly with a message.

Not Ready To Talk To Us Yet?

Download One Of Our Guides!

Not Ready To Talk To Us Yet? Download One Of Our Guides!

We release weekly luxury marketing podcasts, blog posts and offer in addition to that a variety of different guides, infographics, videos, and other materials on luxury hotel marketing in our resources section. We are proud of our content and work hard to keep our know-how as cutting-edge as possible. Those materials can help learn more about data-driven direct marketing and what kind of agency we are so go ahead and take a look.

Use Our Marketing Chat Bot

You can also submit your details via our chatbot in the lower right corner and any potential questions you might have. Just make sure to leave your email and phone number so we can get back to you in time. We will normally get back to you within 24 hours under normal circumstances.

Fill Out Our Contact Form Or Call Us

Of course you can also fill out our contact form by navigating to CONTACT US in the main menu of the website. There you will also find our EU and US phone numbers. At Jadewolf we speak English, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and a bunch of other languages as well, so rest assured that we can understand you. Since we are a remote agency, we usually will have someone ready to pick up the phone and answer your questions 24/7. So don’t hesitate to call if you need a quick answer.

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