This is how we work with clients

Discovery Call

To become our client, we need to go through a discovery call with you first. This way we can determine if we are a good fit for your project and it also allows us to surface your most important business challenges and come up with a proposal that addresses them.


The next step once we have signed an agreement is to do a initial diagnostic on your business where we review everything about your brand, your business model, your previous marketing and how it relates to your current challenges. The end-result of the diagnostic is a strategy document and action plan which serves as a roadmap for the whole project.


Once the diagnostic phase is over we move into production, where we design, write, code, build, shoot or produce any type of new marketing materials we might need for your new marketing campaigns.


Once production is complete we go out into the market and execute your new marketing campaigns for you (or with you). We setup digital advertising accounts on platforms, negotiate with influencers or publishers on your behalf, buy media, upload assets and project manage the run-time of the whole campaign while making sure you get the expected results, on time and within budget.


Last but not least we report regularly on updates, results, changes, KPIs and achieved milestones while we work together. This includes regular consulting calls where we collect your feedback. Working with us is easy and convenient through our client relationship management platform.

We offer the following service packages:

Luxury Advertising

  • $2500 per month
  • 6 months minimum runtime
  • Recommended minimum ad budget $2500 per month
  • Goal: Drive affluent travelers to your website
  • Services: Google Ads, Meta Ads, Campaign Management, Ad-Creatives, Reporting
luxury marketing strategy
luxury marketing and advertising

Luxury Lead Generation

  • $15000 per quarter ($5000 per month)
  • 6 months minimum runtime
  • Recommended minimum ad budget $5000 per month
  • Goal: High quality luxury travel leads or direct bookings
  • Services: Google Ads, Meta Ads, Campaign Management, Ad-Creatives, Reporting, Landing Page Design, Automations, Email Marketing

Full Service

  • $30 000 per quarter ($10 000 per month)
  • 12 months minimum runtime
  • Minimum ad budget $10 000 per month
  • Goal: Double your revenue within 12 months
  • Services: Google Ads, Meta Ads, Campaign Management, Ad-Creatives, Reporting, Landing Page Design, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Automations, Email Marketing, CRM Management, Chatbots, Web Design, Media Buying, Public Relations/Influencers
luxury advertising
luxury marketing analytics

Enterprise Services

  • Enterprise strategy audit (including AI): $25000
  • Website Re-design (CRO): Minimum $50000
  • Marketing to Affluent Chinese: Minimum $50000
  • Photo Editorial: Pricing on request
  • Video Production: Pricing on request
  • Multi-touch full funnel campaign: Pricing on request

Ready for the next step?

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Do you have further questions? We have answers!

We promise a meaningful increase in online direct bookings, luxury travel leads or measurable luxury brand awareness within 3-6 months.

We monitor ongoing campaigns daily and make sure that we constantly research current market rates for media buying to negotiate optimal deals for our clients.

Absolutely. We focus on creating personalized marketing funnels that attract, engage, and convert high-value travelers.

We closely monitor campaign performance and make agile adjustments to ensure your goals are met. We never had a project so far that didn’t generate a positive return for our client.

Our service packages are fairly priced and all-inclusive, ensuring you receive full value for your investment and all your challenges are addressed properly. Our current minimum is $2500 per month for new clients in terms of agency fees, excluding media budgets. Our typical client spends between $50 000 – $100 000 or more with us per year.

We monitor and engage with customer feedback to maintain and elevate your brand’s prestige.

Time frames can vary, but we typically see a measurable impact within 3-6 months.

Yes, we have worked with a variety of luxury travel and hospitality companies since founding the agency. In addition to that we have previous experience in fashion, jewelry and real estate.

We offer dedicated support and regular, transparent communication throughout our partnership in the form of email, updates on our client management platform and weekly, bi-weekly or monthly calls.

We invest heavily in upskilling, education and research inside our team to ensure we are on the cutting edge of what works in online luxury marketing. Platforms we have used in the past to do so include CXL, Udemy, Skillshare, Google Academy, Hubspot Academy, Salesforce Trailblazer, Adobe Education and many more. Our in-house library consists of hundreds of books on psychology, luxury management, design and art history.

We are the only agency specialized exclusively in luxury travel and hospitality. Nobody understands your problems better than us.

We pride ourselves on offering tailored, high-touch service to each client.

We employ strategic problem-solving to address and overcome any brand-specific challenges while giving tough love and constructive criticism when needed.

We provide clear terms upfront and strive for your complete satisfaction with our services. While do not provide refunds for services rendered, in case a client wants to terminate the relationship with us there is a standard notice period of three months in advance in our agreements.

Our strategies are crafted with your unique market position and target audience in mind. We use a questionnaire of over 50 questions to come up with specific luxury customer profiles for your business.

We can provide you with a standard reporting template on request. But usually we build custom reports for based on client requirements.

We stick closely to brand guidelines, corporate identity documents and any other style guide documentation you provide for us. Overall we will strive to present your luxury brand in the best and smartest way possible to attract the right type of customers for you.

We run comparative and competitive analysis as part of our diagnostic process. This allows us usually to identify weaknesses amongst the competition we can then exploit on your behalf.

Our team is comprised of industry experts with extensive experience in luxury travel marketing as well as degrees in business, marketing, psychology, culture studies, language studies, sociology, art history, and design.

We are proactive in identifying issues and implementing solutions to rectify underperforming campaigns. If this is not possible for any given reason we will let you know ASAP and suggest alternative pivot options in terms of investment and campaign strategy.

We are committed to continuous learning and industry engagement to keep our strategies ahead of the curve. This includes attending industry events, seminars, working with coaches, reading luxury, travel and hospitality publications as well as staying up-to-date on technology and consumer trends via social media.

Our average client stays with us for several years due to the hands-on, results-driven service we provide. We in general dislike short-term engagements.

We tailor our level of involvement to your preferences, ensuring a comfortable collaboration. Usually clients should be able to provide timely feedback, access to internal documentation, data or platforms as well as the willingness to meet regularly to discuss strategy and review results.

We adhere strictly to legal standards and best practices in data privacy and digital marketing compliance. This includes standards like GDRP, CPA, and other forms of local regulations.

No, we don’t enforce upfront, long-term multiyear contracts. The minimum duration we ask new clients for is usually between 3-6 months to allows us to generate some results and prove our method.