In this video commentary we cover:
  • What is the LLM and AI hype all about?
  • Are all these tools ready to go?
  • Will they replace luxury marketers?
  • ChatGPT experiment to write a piece of copy for luxury travel
  • What results do we get?
  • The importance of tone of voice and on-brand luxury communication

In this latest video, we take a closer look at the limits of ChatGPT when it comes to writing copy for luxury travel and hospitality brands. While ChatGPT is a powerful language model, it still struggles with the sophistication and refinement required in the luxury travel industry. We also explore some of the common pitfalls and shortcomings of using LLM for crafting compelling and high-end content, from inaccuracies in brand messaging to the inability to grasp the subtleties of luxury experiences, as well as the ways to use ChatGPT  to generate ideas and streamline the content creation process.


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